Announcing Gary Alberts’
Easy Exit
Listing Agreement

What’s your biggest fear when you list your home with a REALTOR?  It’s simple.  You worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less than competent real estate agent, costing your home valuable time and exposure on the market. 

Well, worry no more. 

Gary Alberts takes the risk and fear out of listing your home with a real estate agent. 


Through his Easy Exit Listing Agreement.

• You can cancel your listing at any time.  
• You can relax, knowing that you will not be locked into a lengthy contract.  
• Enjoy the caliber of service confident enough to make this offer.  

No hassles.  It’s as simple as that!
Most guarantees are simply not guarantees, are they?  Wouldn’t it be nice to find one that really is and that really does give you control?  

I realize that you are not selling your home now; but if you decide to interview REALTORS, please consider comparing me.  Call for a hassle free, no obligation visit.  My assurance to you is that your time will be well spent!