Top 10 Reasons to Use a Buyer’s Agent in Victoria, BC


How Can A Buyer’s Agent Help You?

I am a licensed REALTOR who specializes in helping Buyers find their next home. Gary is proud to be a successful Realtor with RE/MAX Camosun. RE/MAX Camosun sells more listings, helps more Buyers purchase than any other Real Estate office in Greater Victoria.

There are several reasons to use a Buyer’s Agent, but the most important reason is to have exclusive representation for the purchase of a property. The Buyer's Agent works for you


To be clear: the Seller’s Agent represents the best interest of the seller, not the buyer.


When considering purchasing a property, Buyers should always use a Real Estate Agent to ensure that they are represented and protected. It’s also FREE! The Buyer’s Agent is paid from the commission charged to the Home Seller by the Seller’s Agent. The Home Seller pays the Commission of both the Seller's Real Estate Agent and the Buyer's Real Estate Agent. The Home Buyer does not pay any commission to the Real Estate Agent's.


The Top 10 Reasons You Should Use A Buyer’s Agent


1. Education and Experience


Chances are that you may not know everything you need to know about real estate in Greater Victoria, so why not work with a professional that does! In the long run, by finding the right Buyer’s Agent (with the right expertise), you will save time, money, and frustration. REMEMBER the Home Seller pays the Commission of both the Seller's Real Estate Agent and the Buyer's Real Estate Agent. My services will not cost you anything.


2. Neighbourhood and Product Knowledge


An important first step is to understand exactly what you want in a home. As a Buyer’s Agent I will help you narrow down a specific criteria to ensure your needs are met based on your budget, space requirements, and areas of interest.


As a Buyer’s Agent I can also provide all the relevant information about specific buildings, proximity to amenities, and the general character of the neighbourhood.


3. To Arrange Tours and Showings


As a Buyer’s Agent I can arrange for you to view properties at your convenience and set up tours. I will also accompany you during showings, while helping you ask the right questions. You do not need to wait until the Open House on Saturday to view a home, I can show it to you anytime.


4. Market Conditions Information


As an Experienced REALTOR, I am very sensitive to market trends and market variables and can offer expert advice. I can also provide up to date market data on your neighbourhoods of interest.


5. Price Guidance


When you find that perfect property, as a Buyer’s Agent I will complete a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), including active and sold comparables, to best determine the property’s actual market value.


An experienced Buyer’s Agent will present all the essential information and offer sound advice to help you decide what to offer on a property.


6. Negotiation Skills and Confidentiality


As a Buyer’s Agent I will be able to effectively and strategically negotiate with the Seller’s Agent on your behalf while acting as a buffer between you and the Seller. An experienced agent will know where to begin negotiations, and how to leverage certain terms and conditions, to help reach your desired price.


Reminder! A Seller’s Agent always represents the best interest of the seller. Ensure you have representation to protect your interests!


7. Legally Binding Contracts for your Protection


As a Buyer’s Agent I can draft contracts that protect your interests in the transaction and ensure important subjects ( such as financing and/or a building inspection) are in place for your safety.


Contracts can be biased and overly complicated documents. As a Buyer’s Agent I have the experience and resources to explain the fine print and draft contracts that will protect you should there be an unforeseen issue related to the property, the Seller, or financing.


8. Professional Networking


I am constantly networking with other professionals, many of whom provide services related to buying and selling properties. I personally see almost fifty homes every week. I personally talk to over a dozen REALTORS every week. We discuss new listings and potential listings days and weeks before they go onto


Once you have an accepted offer, as a Buyer’s Agent I can help connect you to any professionals (Home Inspectors, Mortgage Specialists, Real Estate Lawyers/Notaries, Accountants, Interior Designers, Handymen, etc.) that I trust and provide background information to help you make a wise selection.


9. Subject Removal…with safety in mind!


Once your offer is accepted and you are comfortable with the agreement, a Buyer’s Agent will go through all the essential processes to help you safely remove subjects. Or, alternatively, they will advise against subject removal should a problem with the transaction arise.


10. It’s FREE!


Buying a home can often be a challenging and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be! A Buyer’s Agent understands the process and can facilitate your transaction. They can also educate you on the finer points of real estate and provide encouragement and support along the way.


But, the best part: As a Buyer's Agent my expertise is free!